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Planning is a very important part of any project or task, whether professional, creative or purely for fun. Yoyo’s intuitive planning functionality integrates the use of reminders, comments, a task timeline, task history and features such as folder tagging to facilitate a streamlined planning process. Getting organized is as easy as setting tasks and assigning to the appropriate team members involved.


Featuring a very effective search facility, Yoyo allows users to keep track of every detail of the project they’re facilitating over the platform. Followers can be easily added to tasks, with features such as the timeline and comments coming together with the task history feature to account for a solid task tracking system.s


Collaboration between colleagues, friends and family becomes much easier with Yoyo, with the integrated drag-and-drop feature serving as a secure connection over which to share files and ideas. Cloud integration means shared data becomes available immediately while the task manager’s compatibility with all platforms (mobile and web) ensures that anybody involved in a specific project can contribute and benefit. All major cloud platforms are supported, including Dropbox and Google Calendar.


Visualized productivity is essentially what Yoyo is all about, with the task manager’s great reporting platform ensuring that all projects and tasks are completed. Reporting can be customized to suit the preferred reporting style of the user(s). The ease with which people can be added to on-going and new tasks also contributes to the ultimate goal of simply getting things done, while the built-in task-history functionality will help increase productivity as it allows step-by-step analysis of every stage of the project.

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Visualized Productivity

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